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7.30pm, 31st July 2014, Talamanca – Eivissa

This is my second trip to Ibiza, having been the previous year.

We started our final approach to IBZ on a balmy summers evening.

The sapphire ocean was a welcome sight, dotted with yachts and jagged rocks as we descended into a weekend of pure hedonism.

@elliottsaliba on Instagram | taken on my iPhone 5, edited using VSCO



Big Ben | London

6pm, Big Ben, Westminster SW1

There is no doubting that London in summer is the most unbeatable city to live in.


Bruxelles et Bruges | Belgium

Kerala | India, 2011

Peryiar Lake forms part of the Periyar National Park in south-west India in the state of Kerala - April 2011

Kovalam, is a small beach on the coast of south-west India in the state of Kerala - April 2011

I’ve recently reviewed some photos on an old hard drive that I’ve not seen in a while; lots of travelling pictures from various places in North America, Asia and Europe.

I came across these photos from India, that I had taken in April 2011. At this time of year India begins to transition into its monsoon season.

When I visited the state of Kerala in south-west India, I mainly remember outrageously warm sun, vegetation in a plethora of colours and clear skies. Having revisited these photos, I do remember that there were a few days where the whether was overcast and even thunderous.

This side to the country is one that you don’t really think of that often – or if you do, you think of the absolute extreme, the middle of monsoon.

I think these images represent those in-between days quite well, and those of us in Europe, know overcast weather, far too well.

India, even on those rare occasions when the colour seems lost is completely captivating.

i. Captured at Peryiar Lake, which forms part of the Periyar National Park in south-west India in the state of Kerala – April 2011

ii. Captured in Kovalam, a small beach town on the coast of south-west India in the state of Kerala – April 2011

(Captured on my Canon EOS 1000D)

Happy Earth Day | 12 Apostles, Cape Town

22nd April, 2014 marks World Earth Day.

One month ago I had just arrived in Cape Town.

I’ve travelled a lot – and never have I been somewhere as diverse as Cape Town: Mountains, beach, ocean(s) and a city area.

I am so appreciative of this planet, and it’s natural beauty. Cape Town seems like a good place to celebrate on Earth Day 2014.


@elliottsaliba on Instagram | Taken on my iPhone 5 and edited using the VSCO App

View from Lion's Head looking towards Table Mountain.

View from Lion’s Head looking towards Table Mountain.

Bern Hyperlapsed | Switzerland

The Swiss capital Bern, is not necessarily somewhere that would excite me too much.

However, after browsing the Staff Picks section of Vimeo, I stumbled across this hyperlapse, taken over fourth month period, during winter 2013/14.

I was struck by its medieval beauty, and having done a little bit of research about the Old Town, I found that it was a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Needless to say the photography from the team at Studium-Punctum is pretty gorgeous; and like a lot of European cities, Bern seems like a city that photographs with ease because of its beauty and deep history.




If Groceries Were Reworked X Luxury Brands

Ever wondered what a Tiffany & Co. yoghurt pot could look like? Or if Gucci were to manufacture and package pickles?

Via DesignTaxi

Well, Peddy Merghui has done just that – check out his renderings, they’re really cool – especially because they aren’t too far from something you’d be likely to see in Fortnum & Mason, or Harrods:





Taking on Lion’s Head | Table Mountain, Cape Town

Surfers and Swells | Muizenberg, Cape Town


22nd – 24th March, 2014 Rooiels in the Western Cape, falls on the Atlantic-facing peninsula, about and hour out from Cape Town. We had the small, but by no means unassuming Klein-Hangklip peak of False Bay behind us, and the cold, refreshing and stimulating atlantic in front of us. All accompanied by a delicious combination […]